Roll Jiu Jitsu Academy is committed to providing a training environment that: 

   Is safe for adults and children

   Is free from harassment and abuse

   Promotes respectful and positive behaviour and values



   Always be respectful

   No electronic devices on the mats

   All makeup, jewelry, and piercings must be removed during training

   All training gear and bags should be left in the change rooms

   If your feet are dirty, use the wipes next to the mat to clean them before class

   Always enter the mats from the side closest to the locker room

   When the instructor is demonstrating a technique, students must sit or stand in good posture

   Talking should be kept to a minimum and relate to the class subject

   Students must ask permission to leave the mat area

   No coaching your children or other students during class

   No foul language in the academy

   Nails must be trimmed

   Shoes must be worn outside the mat area

   Wash your hands after using the bathroom

   No shoes, food, gum, or drinks allowed on the mats

   All students and visitors must wear a clean, white uniform

   Shirts must always be worn inside the academy

   Always address all black belt instructors as Professor and all non-black belt instructors as coach

   Always try to arrive early to class.  

   If you are late, wait outside the mats until the Professor invites you to join

   If you sustain an injury please notify the coach ASAP 

   Do not train if you are feeling unwell or have ringworm (a common fungus grapplers get but can be avoided with proper hygiene)