What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is an increasingly popular martial art with low impact on the body because there is no striking. It is a ground-based sport where opponents use different holds to try and submit their partner.  The variation of techniques and intellectual stimulation in BJJ has led many to call it “human chess”.

In recent years jiu jitsu has become popular through the increase in MMA fighting and UFC but, at its core, it is a gentle art that takes as much brain as it does brawn. Our goal at Roll is to go back to it's roots, to teach people that success in jiu jitsu is achieved through respect and discipline.


How do the belts work?


Jiu jitsu uses a belt system. Beginning with white belt, adults progress through blue, purple, brown and eventually black. For a student who practices several times a week, it is possible to earn their black belt in ten years but the length of time is directly related to one’s commitment to the sport.


It’s my first class, what do I do?


When you arrive for your first class, come 15-30 minutes early to meet Filip, Mike and Ryan. You will be provided with a loaner white gi (the traditional uniform). We only wear white gis in our studio and you are welcome to wear a gi from a different gym until you become a member of Roll. Once you begin to roll regularly with us you will be required to purchase a Roll Jiu Jitsu Academy gi.


Each class is 1 hour in length. At your first class you will be taught some basic movements before joining the class. Our Fundamentals class is made up of all different levels; don’t be intimidated, we were all beginners at some point.




Why is jiu jitsu great for kids?


Our program helps children learn discipline, be active and have fun. As both a martial art and a contact sport, BJJ presents a great opportunity for children to learn respect and perseverance that will translate into their everyday lives. Our aim is to build character and community by instilling a strong work ethic, positive attitude and healthy lifestyle.

Because there is no striking, jiu jitsu is often used when teaching bullying prevention and self-defence, which makes it perfect for children. Our black belt instructor, Filip, adapts his program to fit each child helping them get the most out of their practice. It’s rare to find a black belt teaching kids classes but Filip has a unique way of relating to children, creating an environment that is fun but built on respect and admiration.


Belt system for kids


Jiu jitsu uses a belt system. Children begin with a white belt and move through grey/ white, grey, grey/black, yellow white, yellow, yellow black, orange white, orange, orange black, and green.Eventually, around 15 years of age, they join the adult blue belts.


Your first class


On your first day try to come 15-30 minutes early to meet Filip, Mike and Ryan. You will be given a loaner white gi (the traditional uniform), that you can use until you begin rolling with us on a regular basis. Once children start their membership with us, they will be required to buy a Roll Jiu Jitsu Academy gi, which we sell out of our gym.

At their first class, Filip will teach the new children basic skills and movements that will help them to participate in the larger class right away. There are lots of different skill levels in each class, and techniques can be adapted to fit the child’s learning.


What do parents do during class?


We have a viewing gallery above the mats for parents, we ask that parents not sit or stand on the mat level as it can be distracting for the children.

Only children participating in the class can be on the mats, siblings must watch from the viewing gallery.

Above all, we want all of our new visitors to have a great time, to feel welcomed and comfortable enough to ask questions. We are all a big family at Roll Jiu Jitsu Academy and aim to help you and your children feel at home right away.